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Sven Ruppert


Sven Ruppert has been coding Java since 1996 working as Developer Advocate for Vaadin and Oracle Developer Champion. He is regularly speaking at Conferences like Oracle Code/JavaOne/Jfokus/Devoxx/JavaZone/JavaLand and many more and contributes to IT periodicals, as well as tech portals.


During Voxxed Days Melbourne you will have the opportunity to try out a Coding Cafe. In the main hall you will find the Coding Café table. This is a place for a few short, hands-on exercises using different tools and projects. Below you will find the four different themes that are available for you.

For these exercises you will need your own laptop with the following tools installed:

  • JDK 8
  • maven
  • git
  • IDE of your choice
Check out the repository on Github

jUnit5 : from @Test up to your own Extensions

With JUnit 5 we have a new JUnit written entirely from scratch. We will have some exercises to see how we can create Extensions to customize jUnit 5.

Web apps done by a backend developer

With Vaadin you can quickly create a server-side web application as a Java or Kotlin developer. All without HTML or JavaScript. In these practical exercises, we'll take the first steps to create a small web application in Java, Kotlin or both.

Mutation Testing Hands-on

TDD is a powerful technique, but it depends on the developer skill and preferences. With Mutation Testing, you can increase your quality, and it will help you to deliver the best test coverage, compared to pure line coverage. We will have a few practical exercises giving you the first step towards using mutation testing in your next project.

Microstream a new way to store Java-Objects

With these exercises, I want to show a new, nearly unknown project that will give you a way to persist Java-Objects. How this is used and what is the difference compared to existing solutions like mapdDB?